The Moment Tesla Senses a Crash and Brakes Just in Time

We give Elon Musk a hard time sometimes, but Tesla cars do some legitimately cool stuff.

This Teslacam dashcam clip shows us a really close call in which the Tesla Model 3 barely avoids a wreck.


As you’ll see in the clip, the Tesla Model 3’s active accident avoidance systems (such as front radar & Automatic Emergency Braking) stepped in to keep the car from crashing.

As the Model 3 in the video changes lanes, the vehicles ahead come to an abrupt stop and collide. From the footage and the video description, it appears as though the Model 3 came within inches of hitting the vehicle in front.


In an incident such as this, the car is typically quicker to react than even a skilled driver and this is what prevents the Model 3 from smashing into the car in front.

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