Young Girl Subtly Does “Hey Macarena” During Church Service

While her fellow churchgoers said the sinner’s prayer, one young girl took to dancing the Macarena in this video that has quickly gone viral.

No matter the religion, no matter the house of worship, one thing remains true: Kids get antsy during services. But for one American girl attending church in the South, there was a rhythm to her fidgeting — a very distinct rhythm.

Photographer Christian Suddreth shared the clip, which he said was taken in the church where is father is a preacher.


As the preacher recites the prayer, he and the congregants raise their hands to the sky, a move that seems to have inspired one sassy girl to imitate it.


But she does more, slowly putting her hands in front of her, flipping them, and putting them on her shoulders, head, hips, and waist before moving her hips.

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